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I integrate different approaches to psychotherapy in my practice, focusing on each individual client and their needs.  I work primarily from an attachment-oriented perspective, using a relational and psychodynamic framework.  This means that I often direct clients' attention to how early relationships and unmet childhood needs may affect their current relationships as well as their sense of self, patterns of behaviour, thoughts and emotions.  Feminist analysis and anti-oppressive frameworks influence the work I do as well, as our individual and familial experiences are always part of larger systemic influences. 

I work from a trauma-informed perspective, and am trained in the Somatic Experiencing approach to resolving trauma.  I sometimes invite clients to connect with their body sensations during sessions and support them to understand how traumatic experiences have impacted their nervous system.  My training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction informs my practice as well, and assists me in being present and attuned to my clients. 

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